Biomechanical and Biochemical Analyses

Biomechanical analysis.  Madihally is the primary custodian and operator of an Instron 5542 mechanical testing equipment with a 100 N load cell.  It is operated through Merlin 7.0 software, loaded on a dedicated computer.  There is also a strain gage extensometer to perform creep analysis in addition to stress-relaxation equipments.  There are different grips such as pneumatic grips, compression grips, and screw grips.  There is also a custom built environmental chamber which allows testing to be performed at physiological conditions, necessary for testing various biomaterials. 

With the help of OSU Center for Innovation and Economic Development, Inc, another Instron with variable load cell was purchased.  Madihally was a co-PI on the proposal.  This is operated as a core facility and can be used for impact testing for materials research.  Through collaborative research grants, Madihally’s laboratory routinely has access to controlled stress-strain Bohlin Rheometer (Model C-VOR) with extended temperature option and TA Dynamic Mechanical Thermal Analyzer (Model DMA Q800 V20.20).  Both instruments are extensively utilized to characterize hydrogel formulations.

Biochemical analysis: Madihally is the primary custodian and operator of an Spectramax Emax (Molecular Devices) spectrometer for measuring absorbance with five filter choices wavelengths in the visible wavelength (400nm-750nm).  These provide an opportunity to perform ELISA, BCA for total protein content and various other end point assays.  There is a Gemini XPS spectrofluorometer, which allows with filters required for most fluorescence-based assays.  Cellular and molecular binding studies, DNA quantitation, drug screening, and SNP genotyping analysis all require a high degree of sensitivity can be performed.  Both plate readers are accessed through SoftMax® Pro Software, loaded on to a dedicated computer.

There is a YSI-2700 Biochemistry analyzer (YSI Life Sciences, Yellow Spring, OH), that could be used in various analyses including glucose. 

Spectrum of electrophoresis equipments XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell Electrophoresis apparatus (Invitrogen) for DNA/RNA analysis and western blot analysis modules. There is an HPLC system (Dionex Co., Sunnyvale, CA, USA) containing a Waters Symmetry 300 column (4.6 mm × 150 mm dimensions, 5 μm and 90 Å packing). There is a Dispersion Zeta Potential (Model DT-1200) meter for measuring particle sizing and charge density.  There is a Q2000 differential scanning calorimeter (TA instruments New Castle, DE) equipped with refrigerated cooling system (RCS) 90.  There is a Thermo-Nichole-50 FTIR spectrometer equipped with a DTGS detector.

There is a LCR Databridge (Instek, CA, USA) with RS-232C Interface (Includes LCR-Viewer Software) is also available in the laboratory through which allow 2 Hz to 200 kHz, Continuously Variable frequency current at 0.05% accuracy.  Test condition and test result shown on the Screen Simultaneously.  There is also a ES30P-5W/DAM Gamma High Voltage Research (Ormond Beach, FL) equipment useful for electrospinning.