Cell Culture and Characterization

Tissue culture: Madihally is the primary custodian and operator for a tissue culture facility to culture mammalian as well bacterial cells.  These facilities are equipped with two Thermo Forma Model 1284 Class II Type A3/B Biological Laminar Flow Hoods with sliding windows.  There is one CO2 controlled water-jacketed Forma™ 3110 incubator for routine cell culture experiments.  There is another Forma™ 3110 incubator O2 & CO2 controlled water-jacketed Incubator, which allows performing experiments at hypoxic conditions.  In the same room, there is a 3-L temperature controlled centrifuge, which helps in cell harvesting routinely from the cell culture plates.  In the same room, there is a refrigerator so that all cell culture supplies can be stored.  There is a Locator Jr. cryo biological storage system to store cells and other components in liquid nitrogen.

Flow cytometer: Madihally is the primary custodian and operator for a Becton Dickinson FACSCalibur flow cytomter.  It is not a part of the core facility.  It is equipped with a low-power (15mW) argon laser that emits light at 488 nm as well as a low-power helium-neon diode that emits light at ~635 nm.  It has two detectors for light scatter and three detectors for fluorescence.  The optical filters on this cytometer are not interchangeable and the choices of fluorophores is constrained.  These are accessed through a dedicated computer loaded with Cellquest software. 

Recently, BD FACSAria III Cell Sorter was purchased through a grant from OSU Facility Renovation and Core Facility program.  Madihally is a co-PI on the grant and this expands the capabilities of OSU’s Flow Cytometry, which also has couple of other flow cytometers.  Madihally is a board-member of the facility.  If necessary, cell sorting can be performed.