Miscellaneous Equipments

Miscellaneous Equipments.  There are four variable speed Masterflex L/S peristaltic pumps (Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL), with two different pump heads, allowing the possibility of running bioreactors at various speeds.  Further, these pumps are controlled through a Masterflex software loaded on to the computer connected to the pump. There are two flow-through oxygen electrodes (16-730, Microelectrodes, Inc., Bedford, NH), and one in-line physiological pressure transducer (Capto SP844, Skoppum, Norway).  Data from oxygen electrodes and pressure transducer are acquired using Chart™ 5 for Windows via the Powerlab/4SP System (ADI Instruments, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO).  These instruments are used in the bioreactor operations to monitor respective parameters. 

There are two syringe pumps (74900 series, Cole-Parmer Instrument Company, Vernon Hills, IL) that can be used to pump fluids at required flow rate for use in electrospinning. 

There is 6-L Vertis bench-top Freezemobile 6.6 Series System in the laboratory, equipped with a smooth walled corrosion resistant stainless steel condenser -85C with 140 in2 of cold surface area.  (Capacity is 3.3 L per 24 h).  This system is connected to 255 L/min vacuum pump with corrosion resistant components and adjustable gas ballast. 

There are numerous analytical balances, rotary/linear Shaker, circulating reverse osmosis deionized water, large steam sterilizer, miscellaneous durable items (e.g. pH meter, water bath, magnetic stirrer, pipetters, vacuum desiccators etc.), multiple fume hoods, sinks, storage cabinets (independent acid, base, corrosive and flammable cabinets) are present in the laboratory.