Publications 2004 - 2008

Publications in 2004

9.     Fish WW, Madihally SV. Modeling the Inhibitor Activity and Relative Binding Affinities In Enzyme Inhibitor-Protein Systems: Application to Developmental Regulation in a PG – PGIP System. Biotechnology Progress. 20(3):721-7, 2004.

10.  Lawrence B, Beene J, Madihally SV, Lewis RS. Incorporation of Non-ideal Reactors in a Junior-level Course Using Computational Fluid Dynamics. Chemical Engineering Education. 38 (2): 136-141, 2004. download pdf.

Publications in 2005

11.  Raghavan D, Kropp BP, Lin H-K, Zhang Y, Cowan R, Madihally SV. Physical Characteristics Of Small Intestinal Submucosa Scaffolds Are Location-Dependent. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research-Part A.  73A: 90-96, 2005.

12.  Sarasam A, Madihally SV. Characterization of Chitosan-Polycaprolactone Blends for Tissue Engineering Applications. Biomaterials. 26 (27): 5500-5508, 2005. (listed as one of the Top 25 Article within the Material Science (4th best) subject area, 'Chemical Engineering' (11th best) subject area, and 'Engineering' (2nd best) subject area during April-June 2005).

13.  Huang Y, Onyeri S, Siewe M, Moshfeghian A, Madihally SV. In vitro characterization of chitosan-gelatin scaffolds for tissue engineering. Biomaterials. 26(36):7616-27, 2005. listed as one of the Top 25 Article within the Biomaterials Journal (15th best) during July-Sept 2005, and one of the Top 25 Article within the Material Science (25th best) subject area during Oct-Dec 2005).

Publications in 2006

14.  Madihally SV. Molecular Bioengineering In Encyclopedia of Chemical Processing, Sunggyu Lee, ed. , Marcel Dekker, Inc., New York, NY.p1709-16, 2006.

15.  Huang Y, Siewe M, Madihally SV, Effect of spatial architecture on cell shape and colonization. Biotechnology/ Bioengineering. 93(1): 64-75, 2006.

16.  Lewis RS, Moshfeghian A, Madihally SV. Engineering Analysis in Chem-E-Car Competition. Chemical Engineering Education. 40(1): 66-72, 2006.

17.  Sarasam AR, Krishnaswamy RK, Madihally SV. Blending Chitosan with Polycaprolactone: Effect on Physicochemical Characteristics and Anti-bacterial Activity. Biomacromolecules. Apr;7(4):1131-8. 2006.Listed as One of the "Most Accessed" article in April-June 2006.

18.  Madihally SV, Pantelogianis A, Toner M. Antiproteolytic Action of Orally Delivered Insulin Using pH-responsive Hydrogels in a Rat Burn Model.  Journal of Surgical Research. Sep; 135(1):187-94. 2006. ePublication April 17 2006.

19.  Moshfeghian A,Tillman J, Madihally SV. Characterization of Emulsified Chitosan-PLGA Matrices Formed Using Controlled Rate Freezing and Lyophilization Technique. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research-Part A, 79A(2): 418-430. 2006.

20.  Madihally SV, Maase EL, Biomedical and Biochemical Engineering for K-12 students. Chemical Engineering Education. 40(4): 283-290, 2006.

21.  Tillman J, Ullm A, Madihally SV. Three-Dimensional Cell Colonization in a Sulfate Rich Environment. Biomaterials. 27 (32): 5618-26, 2006.  

Publications in 2007

22.  Sarasam AR, Samli AI, Hess L, Ihnat MA, Madihally SV. Blending Chitosan with Polycaprolactone: Porous Scaffolds and toxicity. Macromolecular Bioscience. 7(9-10):1160-7. 2007.

23.  Madihally SV, Lewis RS. Implementation and analysis of hemodialysis in the Unit Operations Laboratory.Chemical Engineering Education. 41(1): 67-71. 2007.

24.  Hooshmand S, Soung DY, Lucas EA, Madihally SV, Levenson CW, Arjmandi BH. Genistein reduces the production of proinflammatory molecules in human chondrocytes.Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry. 18(9):609-614. 2007.

Publications in 2008

25.  Sarasam AR, Brown P, Dmytryk JJ, Khajotia SS, Madihally SV. Antibacterial activity of chitosan-based matrices on oral pathogens. Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine. 19(3):1083-90. 2008.

26.  Mondalek FG, Lawrence BJ, Kropp BP, Grady BP, Fung KM, Madihally SV, Lin HK. The incorporation of poly(lactic-co-glycolic) acid nanoparticles into porcine small intestinal submucosa biomaterials. Biomaterials. 29(9):1159-1166. 2008.

27.  Lawrence BJ, Madihally SV. Cell Colonization in Degradable 3D Porous Matrices. Cell Adhesion and Migration. 2(1):1-8. 2008.

28.  Rachakonda VK, Yerramsetty KM, Madihally SV, Robinson Jr RL, Gasem KAM. Screening of Chemical Penetration Enhancers for Transdermal Drug Delivery using Electrical Resistance of Skin. Pharmaceutical Research. 25(11): 2697-704, 2008.

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